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It doesn’t have to be complicated.


If you’re about to take the leap into a new platform or create a new product or service offering – then you want to make as big an impression as possible and make it easy for your audience to find and support you.

We make, and execute custom launch plans for courses, podcasts, YouTube channels and books, so that creators like you can take the strongest possible first step into new territory.


Are you exhausted keeping up with managing the content on all the different platforms you use to share your ideas and connect with your people? It’s a lot of work, and if you’re ready to spend your time developing and growing your business, we can take care of the rest.

We produce and create content, get it where it needs to be, and keep you up to date on the metrics. All you need to do is give us the initial creative effort.


Do you have a lot of content just… sitting there? Maybe you’ve been blogging or podcasting for years. Maybe you’ve hosted a telesummit. Maybe you’ve changed direction and have a lot of old assets that don’t fit your new brand.

We can take your old content and develop a plan to bring it new life – repurpose it into something entirely new – without you have to recreate anything.


We are strategists who understand what is needed to succeed in the online world.

It’s not easy. In fact – it’s hard. There is a lot riding on your shoulders, and precious little room for error , and the internet never forgets! You have to create content, strategize campaigns, serve your clients and customers and hopefully have some kind of external life.

We can help make it just a little bit easier. Here’s how…


We meet. Before anything else, we get on a call and talk strategy. Everyone’s business is different, and we’ll take an hour to talk about what you really NEED your content to do for you – whether it’s a new project, or handing over the management of something you’ve done for years.


We create. You give us an initial creative effort, and we turn it into wave after wave of engaging, high converting content. This is about sharing YOUR voice, and YOUR message to the world – we support you by bringing fresh eyes and top tier technical and strategic skills.


We publish! We’re happy to put your new content where it needs to be, whether it’s uploading videos to youtube, scheduling emails in your auto-responder or handing everything over to your own team to take care of. We’re flexible and can even train your staff on how to use different platforms and get the best results.

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they are partners

“I could go ON, and ON, and ON about how amazing One Stone Creative is — they are the creative genius behind the Higher Purpose Podcast (I talk and they do the rest) and they did ALL of the A/V production and some of the graphics for the Navigating North Summit (again, I recorded the raw videos and placed them in Dropbox and they did the rest).

Audra and Megan are bright minds and beautiful souls. I told Megan yesterday in our monthly strategy call, “I do not refer to them as “vendors” they are partners in the truest sense of the word. “

Kevin D. Monroe Coach, Consultant, Speaker and Host of the Higher Purpose Podcast

intelligence, drive, and creativity

“Audra is FANTASTIC. She’s helped us go from two podcasts to a network of ten and growing. And truth be told, we couldn’t have gone to three without her. The Sterling & Stone Network exists thanks to her intelligence, drive, and creativity. Along with our thousands of weekly listeners, we’re lucky we found her.”

Sean Platt Founder, Sterling and Stone Story Studio

a stellar podcast

To launch a podcast that does justice to your brand and vision, you have two options: either immerse yourself in a grueling, intensive, multi-year-long study of the constantly changing world of podcasting and audio… or get Audra Casino to help you. She’s quite literally our secret weapon in this area; she’s our go-to expert, our sound engineer, and our quality consultant, all in one. Far from the fly-by-night mixing services that promise you a stellar podcast and deliver little more than a cleaner version of the same audio that you sent them, Audra is the real deal, and you’ll be thrilled with your ROI working with her. I know, because I am.

Danny Iny Founder/CEO, Mirasee

content repurposing strategy

The thing that amazed me about Megan’s content repurposing strategy is how fast she sent it to me. I had barely finished a workshop she attended before she sent me a list of other ways I could use the content. I had been looking for ideas for leadgen content, so her timing was perfect! I am looking forward to seeing how some of her ideas perform for growing my email list.

Lisa Baker Founder, Authentic Partnership