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How to Turn Written Content into Audio-Video Content

If you have a TONS of written content and want to start getting into Audio/Video materials, head on over to the Intro Creative and find out how to modify your content so it fits new media! Read How to Turn Written Content into Audio-Video Content!

Top 5 Content Repurposing Mistakes

You’ve probably heard a lot of bad advice about content repurposing! If you head on over to Sytbiz you can read our guest post on the biggest mistakes, and what to do instead!  Read the Top 5 Repurposing Mistakes!

8 Ways to Repurpose a Live Event

If you do digital live events like workshops, webinars and livestreams, then you are generating TONS of content to use in different ways, and you can find out all about them on Savvy Social Geek! Read: 8 Ways to Repurpose a Live Event.

Sometimes  It’s Not Limiting Beliefs

It can be a challenge sometimes to figure out if a problem is coming from inside you, or outside you – over on Monica Writers, you can find out how to think about the things you CAN’T change, to free up space for what you can.  Read: Sometimes it’s Not Limiting Beliefs. 

Book Launches and Content Strategy

I have a wonderful conversation with Marlyne Pierce of the Modern Mogul HQ all about content and book launch strategy – listen to the episode above, and then listen to all of her other episodes – these are great!