Audio Settings and Pre-Sets are a Podcaster’s Best Friend…

Audio editing is not for the faint of heart – but it’s also not impossible – and even TOTAL amateurs can, with some time and practice, get really, really good at configuring their settings so that their podcasts sound polished and professional.

There is a lot of competition in the Podcasting World, and poor audio quality is one of the things that will turn people off from your pod the fastest. (A close second seems to be too much banter. It IS kind of annoying…)

Here’s a quick breakdown of what the most vital settings MEAN and what they DO:

All of these settings work  TOGETHER to create a really beautifully edited piece of work – and as you get more and more comfortable manipulating them you can start to create pre-sets that you apply to every piece of audio you record!

  • Noise Reduction: Reducing the noise floor in your environment. (The noise floor is ambient or background noise)
  • EQ (Equalization): Adjusting the volume of each pitch or frequency in your recording. So if a higher sound was coming through ring-y or tinny – EQ would be what you use to fix it.
  • Compression: Turns down the loudest parts without affecting the softer parts. (Don’t overuse! Too much will ruin the overall quality)
  • Normalizing: Turns everything up or down as relating to the loudest sound. (Careful, if there are loud sounds, it can end up turning the volume down instead of up.)
  • Hard Limiting: Cuts off the loudest sounds – you’re shooting for a certain volume to compete with your listener’s ambient noise and this raises the overall volume, but cuts off anything that would then be too loud.

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to editing your audio – these are the big five.

If you’d like some help with using them   – we’ve got some options for you.  Here’s Audra Casino to tell you all about them!

Ready to try your hand at editing your audio like a pro? Let’s go!

The Pro Audio DIY Course

If you want to learn HOW to work with all of the settings above and have the time to invest in trial and error – this course will teach you how to use them, and what to listen for.

The class will be released on Monday, September 18, and if you’d like to pre-order, you can use the discount code: fifty to receive half off the $27 price tag.

All that is between you and professional audio is a little time and a little practice! Check out the course!

Are you ready for your podcast to sound like it was produced by an audio professional with almost 2 decades of experience?

Yes? Good!

Audra Casino is standing by to listen to your audio sample, configure the EXACT settings you need to optimize your sound quality, and then share them with you, and show you how to save them to reuse again and again.

After you hit Buy now – here’s what will happen.

You’ll receive an email from Me (Megan) asking you to send us a 30 second sample of your audio, in your environment, exactly as you usually record. Then in about 48 hours after we receive it, you’ll get screenshots and instructions for the settings that you need (in Garageband, Audacity OR Audition) to sound as good as you would if we produced your audio ourselves.

Ready? Let’s do this.


The Ultimate Podcast Resource Page

The Podcast Toolbox contains some ‘next level’ podcast insight, strategy and reusable tools for podcasters that want to grow their listenership and create the highest quality work. We’ll be referencing it frequently, and it’s yours totally free!

In the toolbox you’ll receive:

  • The 3 C’s of Podcasting: Content, Charisma and Connection eBook.
  • Th Ultimate Guest Swipe File
  • The Pre-Launch Checklist
  • The Show Segment Planner
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