The State of Business Podcasting, 2021

What are the top 100 business shows up to this year?

More data, more understanding.
A business podcast is one that is designed and executed as part of a broader marketing strategy. That means that there are different needs, priorities and decisions to be made for the business podcaster. This year we looked at more than double the datapoints for a clearer picture about how companies and individuals are using podcasting to support their businesses. 

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    This year the report is divided into 8 categories: Age and Releases which deals with the age of shows, release schedule and episode length, Branding which covers how shows present themselves, Networks and Sponsors which looks at how shows are working together and monetizing their content, Show Parts and Technology covers the makeup of episodes and the tools used to make them available, Notes and Websites where we get into the assets that come with audio episodes, coveres the different elements that make up episodes and the tools used to make them available, Website Socials and Links which tells us what platorms are the most valuable for promoting your show,  Youtube, which is used enthusiastically enough to deserve it’s own section, and finaly, Social Media where we can see how podcasters are engaging with their audiences and promoting their shows.  

    Find Out:

    • What the most popular social media platform for business podcasts is… (Hint: it’s not LinkedIn!)
    • How much editing your podcast needs to fit in with the top 100…
    • How often you should be releasing episodes….
    • What kind of assets should you be providing your sponsors….
    • Whether or not you should be putting your episodes on YouTube…

    And much more!

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