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We bring years of digital marketing experience to the world of podcasting, creating shows that help our clients get more mileage out of content they’ve already created, network with other experts and professionals, connect with exisiting audiences and generate new business.

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Top 3 Mistakes Businesses Make With Their Podcasts

Your podcast is unique, and so is the role it plays in your business, but there are common mistakes and errors that can prevent you from getting the maximum value out of it.


If you feel like your podcast is more of a slog than a powerful tool for building relationships, authority and your content library, then you can make some simple changes to your strategies and workflows to save a lot of time and see much better results!


“It was a beautiful collaboration. We hired One Stone to work with us on a consultaing basis and we wanted to go over podcast strategy, format and production. I personally knew nothing about any of those three buckets, although other members of our team had much more of a background in that… and what I ound to be so profoundly helpful was that Megan and Audra can talk to both levels, someone like me who is a complete newbie, or someone like our editing producer who has wonderful technical skills and backgornd. When it comes to strategy, one of the things I really loved was the way in which Megan and Audra talked though the different formats that were available to us and the pros and cons of each one, and when it came to the production piece, figuring out a methodology that worked within our budget and timeframe.

I am completely blown away by what we achieved.”  (See full video testimonial here!)

Manisha Thakor

One Stone Creative has been producing the Unlearn Podcast since the spring of 2019. The team provided excellent strategy development, coaching and preparation during the planning and launch of the show, and consistently deliver crisp editing and detailed show notes. On an ongoing basis, they’ve offered interview coaching, brainstorming around strategies and ideas to improve the show. With their help my audience and podcasting skills continuously grow.

Barry O'Reilly

“The service that you guys provide has really elevated our podcast, expanded our growth and opportunity, and demonstrated to our team how to do podcasting most efficiently, and I really appreciate that. I’ve worked with other services, and tried to do a lot on my own, and I can tell you, I’ve learned a lot.”

Michael Volkov
Corruption, Crime and Compliance

I’ll be honest. I started the Spin Sucks podcast with some trepidation. We talked about it for years, but I couldn’t just seem to get my butt in gear to get it done. I kept hearing things such as less than one percent of podcasts are hosted by women (according to Libsyn) and also watched the trajectory of podcasting and yet…

But then the amazingly brilliant and easy-to-work with women from One Stone Creative told me there is more than enough content on the blog to create a podcast. They said, in fact, I wouldn’t have to do any work, other than record something weekly. They made it so easy, it was impossible to say no. Thanks to them, we’re here two years later.

Gini Dietrich

“The team of One Stone creative has been a pure joy to work with on my podcast network. They bring both professionalism and passion to being two of the top podcast producers and podcasting consultants around. If you are thinking about starting a podcast or have been podcasting for years as I have, they bring not only efficiency to your podcast production but real value for your entire operation. Two Thumbs up and Five Stars to  the entire team of One Stone Creative.”