Your One Creative Push...

Becomes wave after wave of incredible content.

One thing you’ll learn about us right away, is that we don’t ¬†believe in one-size-fits-all. Your business is unique – so are your goals and your content and your way of engaging with your community – and we respect that.

We begin all of our work with clients with a thorough planning and strategy session so that we can design a system that is going to work for you – and that you can feel fantastic about. No more cookie cutter launches, podcasts that all sound the same or courses that leave students with a sense of deja-vu.

We want to be true partners with you, and bring your content to life in the way that best serves you and your audience.

We Launch…

Are you ready to dive into a new platform, or launch a new program?

We’re ready to help! We can help you create a content strategy for a podcast or YouTube that you’ll be able to work into your schedule, and on a budget that you can live with. With our many years of experience launching new products and services, we can help you gain maximum traction so that you get in front of the people you can help.

We take care of everything from the technology to your promotional swipe copy – you supply the knowledge, expertise and passion – we handle the rest.

Because Every Launch is different, we design a plan and create a quote that works for you. As a reference point, our launch fees begin at $600, and then can vary based on your unique needs.

We Manage…

The price of channel management varies depending on how many different assets you would like to have for each publication. podcast episodes begin at $150 / episode and Youtube Videos begin at $250, each including (at minimum) shownotes, an email to your community, and social media sharing copy.

Whether we launched you or not, we can step in and take over the management of your media platforms. How would it feel to know that after you recorded a podcast episode (or wrote a blog post, or filmed a video) you could hand it over to a team of professionals who would produce it, generate multiple creative assets for it, and get them all where they need to be?

We don’t just create for our clients – we publish for them. (Unless you would rather have the assets delivered to your existing team!)

All of our management packages come with a monthly strategy call to decide what kind of user experience you want your audience to have – this is content executed to serve your business growth goals.


We Transform…

If you’ve been creating content for a while, then you probably have… a lot of it.

Some of it won’t reflect what you currently do. Some of it is amazing, but not getting the attention it deserves. Within your archives you could have a mountain of potential new opt-ins, courses, videos, podcasts, blog posts, emails and more.

We can review your content archives and come up with unique, innovative ways to turn your previous efforts into new, high converting assets for sharing or selling.

I’m sure you can imagine, this service is a little hard to put a price range on! These rates can vary widely based on your individual needs, but a small transformation (for example, a blog post archive being turned into a set of 3 email course opt-ins) would begin in the range of $1000. The costs do add up as you add audio and video elements – but so do the sales and conversions.