The State of Business
Podcasting Report, 2022

What Can We Learn from the Top Business Podcasts?


More data, means more understanding.

Running a podcast for your business is different than running one as a passion project, or even as a business in and of itself. Your show needs to have a business purpose, and it needs to be consistently. delivering on that purpose. We look at what the most popular business shows do to get an understanding of the way the industry is moving, and what brands and companies should be considering as the plan and run their shows.

Find Out:

  • Why you should be integrating video into your strategy – even with an audio only show…
  • How much editing your podcast needs to fit in with the top 100…
  • How a podcast should be integrated into your website, and what you should be including there….
  • What best practice for ads, art and sponsorship looks like….
  • How much of your promotional energy should go to social media…

And much more!

We’ve looked at over 7500 individual datapoints accross branding, social media, show format, sponsorships, and collected all of that information into one report – complete with comparison and analysis!

The report is divided into 8 categories:

Age and Releases which deals with the age of shows, release schedule and episode length,

Branding which covers how shows present themselves,

Networks and Sponsors which looks at how shows are working together and monetizing their content,

Show Parts and Technology covers the makeup of episodes and the tools used to make them available,

Notes and Websites where we get into the assets that come with audio episodes, coveres the different elements that make up episodes and the tools used to make them available,

Website Socials and Links which tells us what platorms are the most valuable for promoting your show,

Youtube, which is used enthusiastically enough to deserve it’s own section, and finaly,

Social Media where we can see how podcasters are engaging with their audiences and promoting their shows.

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