Professional Podcast Audit 

You’ve come a long way – but there is a little further to go…

Sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know. When you’re building online courses, or producing a podcast about your area of expertise, you may not know the best practices, tips and tricks or advanced strategies that could take it to the next level. With a combined 20 years working with online courses, and 25 producing podcasts, we have the insider information that can help you take your media to the next level.

How does an Audit work?


Content Goals Consultation

Before we can determine what is or isn’t working, we need to know exactly what your goals are, what you’ve tried, and what you think the issues might be.


We’ll review up to 90 minutes of finished content – looking at the audio quality, the delivery, ads, calls to action and any assets, like shownotes,  and social media presence.


We’ll create a report for you covering the strengths and weaknesses of your media, as well as an action plan for you to start making changes and  improvements.

Ready to level up?

 Then book your professional podcast Audit! Click the link below to book your Content Goals Conversation. Audits cost $497 USD, and will be completed within 1 week of our initial consultation.