Podcast and Network Consulting 

Guidance and Support…

If you’re planning an in-house podcast, or looking to develop a podcast network, then One Stone Creative is available to consult with you n every detail, to make sure you acheive the results you’re looking for. From idea development to creating the master plan executing elements you need an assist with, we are here to make sure that the content you’re creating and the platforms you’re placing it on are working for you.

All One Stone Creative consulting packages address
three key elements:


Content Planning

We’ll develop a structure for your media – what should be included, in what order and why. Then we’ll work directly with your in-house team, doing (digital) live training and providing feedback on media assets.

Effective Launches

Will work with you on the audio-brand so it conveys your message and fits with your other marketing and branding materials, develop a step-by-step launch plan for you, and provide all of the nececarry communications templates.

Promotional Strategy

We’ll develop a plan for promoting each media asset with a promotional calendar that takes into account other company activities. We’ll also create a plan for how to strategically re-purpose and reuse new media assets in different places in your business.

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