Six and Six Podcast Package for Authors

6-Episode Podcast Season and 6 Guest Appearances.

What would it mean for your book sales – and business! – to have a lead nurturing machine fueled by exposure to new audiences?

All-In-One Podcast and Guest Appearances

Get a 6-episode podcast season to nurture your audience, and 6 guest appearances to promote your work. Starting from $6500.

How It works

Design a Show That Fits Your Book and Your Business

Your book and your business are unique, so we start be designing a podacst and guest pitching strategy that connects you with your ideal readers and customers, and positions you as the expert that can help.

Create an Evergreen Resource for Your Community

A podcast season gives your new connections the chance to get to know you, hear your voice, and understand the scope of your expertise with an evergreen resource that never stops promoting you.

Get Exposed to New Audiences and Spread the Word

A series of guest appearances connects you with fellow experts in your space and gets you in front of new audiences and provides the chance to invite them into your community.

Two Experts Are Better Than One

This is a special, combined offer from One Stone Creative and The Podwize Group.  Get a limited release podcast that will create attention and community around your book, further exploring your ideas, and nurturing your fans and get critical exposure to new audiences through targeted guest placements on shows were that your future readers are listening to – all in a one done-for-you shot!

If you are in pre-launch, we recommend timing your podcast season to release in the 6 weeks before your book does, and take advantage of the 6 guest placements after launch to keep the energy going – and keep getting exposure to new audiences.

(If your book is already released, then the timing is at your leisure!)

One Stone Creative has been designing, producing and consulting on high-impact company podcasts since 2017.

Every now and then, the opportunity to do something important comes up. It’s not always obvious. You don’t always know it for what it is. But it does happen, and if you’re lucky enough to be talking to the right person, and the right time – you can do something that makes a real difference, for your business and for the world.

That’s what happened in the summer of 2017 when Audra called Megan and said: “I have an idea.”

That idea was to tie two decades of radio, podcast and video experience to a decade of digital marketing strategy, and start helping businesses create podcasts that achieve real busines sobjectives, like lead generation, sales, conversions, SEO and more.

We work with individuals and teams who understand the need for high-quality content marketing – but would prefer to let some experts do the heavy lifting on new platforms. Our consulting and concierge services fit in with your current content calendar, growth plans, and in-house expertise. You have the message – we take care of the rest.

The Podwize Group supports our clients in growing their network, authority, and leads through podcast interviews.

Started as a freelance business to connect women business owners with podcast hosts in complementary spaces, Angie quickly established herself as someone who expertly balances the needs of podcast guests, hosts and listeners.

As the business and its network of contacts grew, it became apparent that the natural evolution included supporting business owners not just as they guest on shows, but as they fully embrace podcasts as their visibility and content marketing platform of choice. Seeing that these needs weren’t currently being met by other agencies or companies, Angie began to envision the next iteration of her business.

The Podwize Group serves small business owners who are leveraging the power of podcasts both as guests and hosts.

Whether the team is pitching clients to be guests on relevant shows or supporting them as they use their own show to connect with potential clients, the Podwize Group prioritizes strategic planning, innovative thinking and authentic connections as an extension of an already established business.

What’s Included…

6 Episode Podcast Season

  • 1x Teaser Episode
  • 5x Interview or Solo Episodes,
  • Episode Content Collaboration – based on your book.
  • Podcast Cover Art and Description

Each Episode Includes:

  • Audio Editing
  • Show Notes with links and resources
  • MP4 Version of episode for YouTube
  • Episode Title Card
  • 1x Promotional Graphic
  • 1x Captioned Audiogram
  • 2x social media sharing copy
  • Scheduling to the podcast host of your choice

6 Podcast Interviews

  • Digital one-sheet development (hosted on Notion)
  • Development of a pitch template with 2 pitch topics, that you can use after our engagement
  • Strategic pitching and following up to book 6 podcast interviews on relevant podcasts
  • Interview brief for each interview to help you optimize the opportunity
  • Access to ‘Maximize Your Interview’ training

Want to chat about it first and make sure it’s a good for for your book and your business? You got it! Book a chat right here.